About the Course

Cragie Brae is a fun 18 hole regulation course located at the Cragie Brae Golf Club facility in Scottsville, NY. We are a daily-fee golf course with a ‘Open To Public’ guest policy. We have some of the longest tees; featuring a total of 6,468 yards of golf for a par of 72. The course opened in 1963 and was designed by James G. Harrison, Ferdinand Garbin and ASGCA. Tour course rating is 69.9 with a slope rating of 115.

We ask that guests respect our clothing policy and dress appropriately. T-shirts or collared shirts must be worn at all times and no tank-tops or cut off tee-shirts are allowed. We ask that you please leave your shirt on at all times, including on the course, walking to your car and walking up to the Club House.

Course Layout


Par 4 – 360 yards,
Opening hole is uphill and plays into the prevailing wind. The landing area is 250 yards narrow with a fairway bunker on the right side. The green is the largest of the course and is relatively flat.


Par 4 – 445 yards
At 445 yards the second hole is the longest par 4 with a straight and fairly wide fairway. Be careful not to go long on the second shot because there are big spruce trees that come into play.


Par 5 – 500 yards
This is a very tight driving hole, playing generally downwind, with O.B. to the left and a big stand of maple trees to the right. A good drive offers a chance to get on in two shots but be careful because a pond lurks to the right and wraps around part of the front right side. The green is sloping with tough pin placements.


Par 4 – 360 yards
This is a pretty easy hole with a straight accurate drive. O.B. is to left and there are large maple trees to the right. Try to avoid the greenside bunker to the left. This hole offers a great birdie opportunity.


Par 5 – 500 yards
This hole plays uphill for the first 200 yards and into the wind. A good straight drive offers a chance to get on in two. Green is sloping with greenside trap to the left.


Par 3 – 170 yards
This hole is a fairly straight away par 3 with a tricky sloping green and grassy knolls surrounding it.


Par 4 – 310 yards
Hole 7 is a drivable par 4 that plays downwind. You need a straight drive and have to avoid the greenside bunkers on the right side. This hole offers another birdie chance.


Par 3 – 140 yards
This may be the toughest 140 yard hole you’ll ever play. It plays uphill, usually into a swirling wind to a narrow, very sloping and tricky green. It is guarded on the left and the right by steep grass bunkers and a sand bunker at the rear of the green. A par 3 here is a great score.


Par 4 – 360 yards
The finishing hole on the front is another birdie hole with a straight drive. The green slopes back to front as most do on the course. There is also a pot bunker to the right of the green.


Par 5 – 535 yards
This is the longest par 5 on the course. It plays uphill and all the way into the wind. Two well struck shots will leave a short iron approach. The green is large and sloping. Be sure to avoid the greenside bunker to the right.


Par 4 – 340 yards
This is another drivable par 4 but accuracy is important because O.B. is on the left and two fairway bunkers and large trees are on the right. The green is fairly flat and it offers a good chance for a birdie.


Par 5 – 485 yards
This hole offers an eagle opportunity with a well placed drive. You must carry or stay to the left of the fairway bunker out at 230 yards. There is out of bounds to the left and the second shot must avoid the bunker in the front right of the green. The green is pretty flat and offers another scoring chance.


Par 4 – 435 yards
This hole requires a straight accurate drive or a bogey is certain. It is tight, due to trees on the left and the right, but plays downwind. It is best to use a long to medium iron for the second shot because the tough sloping green is surrounded by grass bunkers. This hole is a good par 4.


Par 3 – 180 yards
This is an uphill par 3 with a tricky sloping green. Try to avoid the pot bunker to the left and the two grass bunkers to the right.


Par 4 – 340 yards
This hole is a tricky par 4, which is why a straight drive is absolutely necessary. The fairway bunker narrows the fairway at 240 yards with trees to either side. The second shot is into the wind with a tough narrow green. Try to avoid the greenside sand bunker to the left and the grass bunkers around the green.


Par 4 – 400 yards
The pond is at 235 yards and usually requires a layup shot with a club rather than a driver. A good layup will leave a shot between 130 to 150 yards for another back to front sloping green. This hole offers a good par 4.


Par 3 – 150 yards
This is a straightaway and fairly easy par 3 as long as you avoid the sand bunkers and the grass bunkers on either side of the green. Be aware that the green is also full of tricky pin placements.


Par 4 – 370 yards
This hole is downhill and downwind to the clubhouse. It is important to stay short of the pond at 280 yards in the center of the fairway. A short-iron approach to the green can be tough putting. Try to avoid the grass bunkers on either side and the pot bunker on the right side. This is a great finishing hole.

Hours of Operation

Mon-Thu: 7:00am – 6:30pm
Fri: 7:00am – 7:30pm
Sat-Sun: 6:30am – 7:00pm

Yardage & Slope Stats


6468 Yards

69.9 Rating

115 Slope


6230 Yards

68.8 Rating

113 Slope


5905 Yards

N/A Rating

N/A Slope


5645 Yards

N/A Rating

N/A Slope

Cragie Brae Golf Course

4391 Union Street, Scottsville, NY 14546
(585) 889-1440